Coaching Plans

Full 15 session New Insights Coaching Program:

This unique and highly successful program is made up of 15 sessions, each one building on the previous. Come with me on an amazing journey of Self-discovery!

Together we will clarify your life’s goals and I shall guide and mentor you all the way towards manifestation. Your personal development will surge and your authentic self will emerge. through tried and tested tools and techniques, you will begin to live your best life as a greater version of who you really are.

Your sessions with me will be specifically tailored to your unique needs. you will set the pace and I shall guide, encourage and motivate you to be all that you can be. Your life purpose will be revealed and you will find contentment and peace in living it.

individualized session packages:

Here, you get to choose which session concepts you would like to explore for your own personal growth. We can delve into your belief and value systems to uncover what makes you ‘tick’. We can work on emotional balance or effective communication. I can help you clear ‘negative’ mind chatter and find clarity in your thoughts. I can help you to grow spiritually by learning to balance perceptions and create trust.

There is so much to choose from!

Together we will design a package that work for you.

Freeform Coaching:

Whatever is on your mind, perhaps creating an imbalance or heavy heart, we will explore. I shall help you to find clarity and ways to move forward with, greater understanding, to restore balance.

I shall draw on my knowledge, insight, intuition, and compassion to guide you back onto your path.

Jenni Burridge

Jenni Burridge

VIP Life Coach

True Essence Life Coaching

Studio Ekuthuleni

Glencairn Heights

Cape Town

South Africa