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William Smith

“Jenni followed the methodology, yet often allowed me to explore how I find myself in relation to the day’s topic and where my self-awareness was taking me. She has this great ability whereby she guided me back to the topic after this exploration.”

Michelle Bloem

Jenni exceeded my expectations as a mentor coach and she is extremely capable at her calling to guide and coach trainee coaches. Jenni is a lovely gentle and warm person yet always consistent.


I went through quite a tough time. I was retrenched amongst other things and at times felt like I should just quit. Thanks to Jenni’s compassion, passion and yes, firmness and “edge” I continued and I am forever grateful that she never gave up on me.

Andrew Welch

Wow! what can I say, simply life changing!
I loved each and every moment spent with Jenni. I found her to be what I would call a ‘Real’ person with a wealth of practical wisdom, compassion, common sense and a real passion for what she does.


Right from our very first New Insights’ coaching session, I felt Jenni’s warm, soulfulness shine through. My year’s journey with her as a trainee has been nothing short of terrific. I loved every session we shared together, learning, exploring and growing.

Isha Bramdow

When I spoke to Jenni for the first time in 2012, I was amazed by our instant friendly chemistry. She has a way of making even difficult tasks (like a first time phone call to someone you have never met) comfortable and easy-going.

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Jenni Burridge

Jenni Burridge

VIP Life Coach

True Essence Life Coaching

Studio Ekuthuleni

Glencairn Heights

Cape Town

South Africa