Chi moves

A truly unique exercise technique

Mind • Body • Balance

Chi moves – working with the energies of Yin and Yang in constant motion – clearing the mind, revitalizing the body, striving for balance.

Chi Moves is a truly unique exercise technique. Gentle yet highly effective, Chi Moves combines elements of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga, Pilates, Deep Relaxation, and Meditation.

All the movements and exercises are performed with a higher purpose – an intent to cleanse, rejuvenate and refresh the inner body so that the outer body can reflect radiance and harmony. Rhythmic breathing and moves serve to increase the flow of Chi, i.e. Vital Energy, through the Meridian systems of the body.

The Chi Ball – symbolizing the Circle of Life – is used in all the movements as both a prop and a mind focus. Infused with healing aromatherapy fragrances, the Chi Ball also serves to develop creativity, expression, and intuition, enhancing emotional well-being.

Studio Ekuthuleni –

A Place of Peace – is the ideal venue to experience Chi Moves. In this tranquil setting with stunning sea and mountain views, you will enjoy small classes designed to suit all ages and
abilities. One-on-one classes are also available on request.

Jenni Burridge

Jenni Burridge

VIP Life Coach

True Essence Life Coaching

Studio Ekuthuleni

Glencairn Heights

Cape Town

South Africa